Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY
Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY
Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY Dentist in Lexington, KY

Friendly, competent, high-tech dentistry

Three beautiful office locations in Lexington

Dentist in Lexington, KY

Dr. Takacs is passionate about helping people

Enter a world of exceptional dentistry built around your comfort. At Beaumont Family Dentistry, our 5-star service transforms routine dental care into a pleasant and rewarding experience. All three of our offices have beautifully decorated reception areas where you will receive warm greetings from our friendly staff. Sample freshly brewed coffee and cookies as you relax by the fireplace. Then sink into a luxurious leather chair in the treatment room and enjoy your favorite music while we care for your smile. During treatment, enjoy a soothing massage or warm paraffin wax treatment. You'll return to your world renewed, refreshed, and with a stunning smile to share.

Dr. Patricia Takacs' purpose is to provide excellent dental care to the Lexington community. Her greatest passion in life is helping as many people as possible with their oral health and to give them beautiful, confident smiles.

Dr. Takacs, Dr. Miller, Dr. Higginbotham, Dr. Golibersuch, Dr. Bowen and the competent staff of Beaumont Family Dentistry are dedicated to providing patients with caring, quality and informative service.

A wide range of dental services are offered, from cleanings and checkups to advanced dentistry, such as smile makeovers, dental implants, braces of all types and oral surgery. See the full Services listing to learn about all of our services. Most insurance plans are taken and many flexible financing arrangements are available.

Pain-Free, Relaxing Treatment

State-of-the-art technology and advanced procedures are used to give you the best dental work possible and to ensure the treatment is pain-free and comfortable. For the very anxious or for the patient facing complex and major dental work, Beaumont Family Dentistry also provides oral sedation.

Dentist in Lexington, KY

You will find our offices modern and relaxing!

Caring Dentistry for the Entire Family

Once you step into Beaumont Family Dentistry, you will feel immediately at home. Freshly baked cookies, beverages and a comfortable, modern reception area with a fireplace will put you at ease. Patients of all ages are welcome. Braces to fit anyone's teeth, including Invisalign (clear braces) are provided. Fastbraces (braces in just a few months) and more traditional metal braces are available as well.

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Dentist in Lexington, KY

“I think that they do very kind and gentle work, along with incredible massages, laughter and fun! I even emailed pictures to family and friends. They are friendly, knowledgeable and catered to my needs and fears. Pain is no longer an issue for me and I refer all of my clients here now!

“I was given massages during my procedures and they were heavenly. I wanted to be able to wear my anniversary pearls and have my teeth as white as my pearls. I wanted a beautiful and natural smile, and now I do!”

– Carolyn N. Wheeler

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